New York / Los Angeles based Artist / Designer

Ray Liu is a multimedia artist and fashion designer, and also the founder of RAYRAY GOETIA. Ray Liu went to Pratt Institute to study fashion design in 2013. and she did study aboard program at London College of Fashion in Fall 2015. In 2017, Ray Liu graduated from Pratt Institute and found the lifestyle fashion brand RAYRAY GOETIA. And her thesis collection was reported by NY times T megazine, Fashionista and so on. Meanwhile, In 2017, she moved to Los Angeles to study Art and Technology at California Institute of Arts, and finished her master program in 2019.

As a multimedia artist, Ray usually mixes various medias together to create various fictional worlds, which can give the audiences both the interactive and immersive experiences. The medias she tends to useĀ  including the traditional medias such as paintings, sculptures and draping, along with the unconventional medias such as experimental music, coding, interactive programs, Arduino, hologram projection and so on. The themes of her works are varied includes philosophy, occultism, science fiction, pop culture and a touch of social issues.

As a fashion designer,Ray believes garments are living creatures from other worlds and garments should wear human bodies. She hopes the wearers can embrace a different soul while wearing her designs. Ray is trying to experiment various unusual silhouette, irregular proportions and voluminous shape. Meanwhile, she makes her own digital prints and laser cut patterns into her design. Her creation process is more logical than emotional, and she is trying to make every detail of her designs meaningful. She got a lot of inspirations from symbolism and occultism to search for the meanings of colors and shapes.