NOMIGEDANZOKEN (republic of thinking) is a multimedia installation art work which involves painting, sculptures, hologram projections and experimental music. NOMIGEDANZOKEN is a fictional world which built up of thoughts of either material or mind form. Thoughts can exist either independently or compositely and thinking is the only energy source and movement within the territory.

1.NOMIGEDANZOKEN has no origin and ending.

The thoughts are always transforming.

2.A thought (material) can generate a thought (mind).

A thought (mind) can generate a thought (material).

3.The only activity in NOMIGEDANZOKEN is thinking.

4.The reality is totally subjective and based on a citizen’s own thoughts.

5.The senses are driven by thinking and are subjective.

6.Each particle of thought can live individually or collectively.

7. A citizen is living only if it thinks itself exists.

2019.2.11-2019.2.16 Master Thesis Solo Show
Caliornia institute of the Arts, D300 Gallery
Santa Clarita, CA, United States